Recreate This Runway Eyeliner Trend with Dior’s New Mirror Eyes Kit


Fendi and Christian Dior Spring 2015; IMAGES: IMAXTREE

From neoprene to leather, makeup artist Peter Philips is known for using unconventional materials as part of the makeup looks he creates for the runway. For Spring 2015, we saw Philips use blue leather strips as eyeliner at Fendi and satin strips at Christian Dior to complement the collections. This eyeliner look, while bright and daring, can actually work in real life thanks to Dior’s recently launched stick-on versions created for consumers.

Dior Mirror Eyes ($61) comes with four pairs of adhesive liner strips, is easy-to-use and quite frankly, we’re relieved we didn’t have to mess around with crafts to DIY the look. Two of the pairs in the set are a runway-inspired metallic color and the other two are an intense jet black. Each liner patch is safe to use on the skin, can be readjusted as needed and even reworn thanks to the eyelash glue included in the kit. So, skip the mascara and give your liquid liner a break by using these to get a playful eyeliner look that will literally never smudge.