Cover Up! The 5 Best Foundations for Sensitive Skin

foundations for sensitive skin

Image: Imaxtree

We’ve got good news. Having sensitive skin doesn’t mean missing out on foundation. It just means looking for foundations for sensitive skin that skip unnecessary fragrance and oils. And you don’t have to look very hard.

The quest for a luminous, even-toned complexion is actually possible thanks to today’s easy-on-the-face formulas. Their ultra gentle recipes rely on moisturizing and soothing ingredients like aloe, shea butter and supercharged water to prevent your skin from freaking out. They cover imperfections just like other foundations. But they do so without irritation or redness, which tend to draw even more attention to those problem areas. Which kind of defeats the whole purpose of foundation in the first place. Plus, they’re lightweight so you can start wearing them right now.

All you delicate-faced folks can rejoice because we did the work for you. We went ahead and rounded up the five best foundations for sensitive skin. (We’re pretty picky so you know we only selected the finest options out there.) From a spray-on option to a serum featuring pigment plus skin-loving ingredients, these foundations won’t upset your delicate complexion. And you’ll clearly notice a difference. We promise. See which ones made the cut in the slideshow below.