8 Overnight Face Masks for the Best Beauty Sleep Ever

With the rise in popularity of Korean skin care, overnight face masks have burst onto the beauty market. Like their name suggests, overnight face masks are designed for nighttime use. They work while you rest to provide intensive, skin-healing moisture. And even some rejuvenating and anti-aging benefits, depending on the formula.

While we’re off in dreamland, our cells take this time to repair themselves. Making it prime time for active ingredients to penetrate deep into skin to provide all of their wonderful benefits. Basically, it’s the laziest way to get radiant, truly glowing skin. The rich treatments create a permeable seal over the top layer of skin so that everything beneath it gets deep into the skin. Ensuring that you will get, quite literally, the best beauty sleep ever. Unlike your regular daytime masks, overnight face masks are designed to stay on all night — without sacrificing your pillow to the beauty gods.

So whether you have dull, dry skin or are just looking to step up your skin care game, indulge in one of these best overnight face masks. Better skin is only a dream away.

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8 Overnight Face Masks for the Best Beauty Sleep Ever