Long or Short: 21 Natural Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Look

For the past decade, legions of black women have retired their hot combs and said no to chemical straighteners, rediscovering the beauty of their natural hair texture — be they crinkles, coils, curls or waves. Countless converts are transitioning or big chopping their way to hair freedom. What they’ve discovered is that their natural hair is versatile in ways they never imagined. They have the flexibility to wear their manes big and wild one day, twisted and tucked the next or blown-out smooth the day after that. The choice is theirs. Their hair’s natural texture gives it grip, making it perfect for twists, pins and updos. The styles they can achieve are endless. 

To celebrate the beauty in the diversity of our textured tresses, we’ve compiled a slideshow of 21 natural hairstyles for an extra dose of hair inspo.

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