Fierce or Fugly? The Bubble Nails Manicure Craze

Forget the stiletto nail – there is a new nail shape in town and it’s taking social media by storm. The look for your talons is the curved nail, hump nail or the bubble shaped nail. To achieve the look, your manicurist covers your nails with acrylic, building it up thick in the middle and allowing it to thin out, creating a curve in the nail. 


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The end result? Your nails look like the back of a turtle’s shell and apparently it’s the new hotness on the streets. A look on Instagram or Tumblr and you will find thousands of images of these curved nails, as well as plenty of memes from people wondering why it’s a thing in the first place. Sure – the bubble nail seems to be an acquired taste for some, but one woman’s fugly is the next woman’s fierce.

Get acquainted with the bubble nail through these images below.


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[h/t Cosmopolitan]