13 A-Plus Sunscreens for the Face — That Don’t Smell Like Sunscreen

It’s nice to — occasionally — catch a whiff of your drugstore sunscreen of yore. The mix of sweet (insert tropical fruit here) and floral notes recalls innocent days spent building sandcastles and sucking down ice pops. But now that we’re grown and have skin proclivities and makeup routines and more refined olfactory senses to consider, the whole sun protection process becomes infinitely more nuanced. And as trying — and expensive — as it can be to find an SPF to suit all your tastes and demands, it’s essential that you do so. Because, as every medical professional and beauty editor will tell you, sun damage is no joke. (Visual proof here.)

No worries — we’re here to help you overcome the hurdle that is finding a daily face sunscreen that you actually want to apply. Click through the slideshow above for 13 best face sunscreens that won’t leave an annoying white film, don’t have that ostentatious sunscreen scent and cater to a variety of skin types and needs. Don’t forget to reapply.

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