35 Gorgeous Examples of Auburn Hair Color

Girls with auburn hair color exist in one of the most blessed of spaces. They get the best of both the brown and red worlds — their warm strands tout the grounding nature of the former and the fiery, attention-grabbing gifts of the latter. For those craving copper strands, now’s the time to take the leap: Natural shades are the new grays and platinums — or so the experts say.

Roxie Darling, head colorist at Hairstory (the hair experts behind New Wash, a detergent-free shampoo), says, “I think the same generation of girls who were playing around with their hair five years ago are growing up and wanting to take their hair in a more natural direction. The cool girls that made ombre hair color popular, are now rocking more natural, subtler colors.” Darling chalks the shift up to hair fatigue rather than a desire to be en vogue, but whatever the reason, natural hair color is the way of the day.

One caveat: Hair color that’s neither here nor there can be a pain to maintain, especially in the summer months when blazing rays turn your temperamental shade brassy and dry. The payoff of auburn hair color is that, with proper maintenance, you get locks the color of Julia Roberts’ circa Pretty Woman, which we’d say more than makes up for slicking some argan oil and SPF-infused products on your tresses each morning.

Click through the slideshow above for 35 gorgeous examples of auburn hair color spotted on the runways, celebrities’ heads and the annals of Instagram. And remember, no matter where these hair models fall on the curly-straight spectrum, the beauty of auburn color is that it works on everyone.

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