Sponging Is the Coolest New Hair Color Technique You Have to See

sponging hair color trend technique from The Chapel

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We’ve seen a lot of different hair color trends this year (rose gold, rainbow, undercut dyes), but none compare to what you’re about to see here. The geniuses at the U.K. salon The Chapel, in collaboration with Redken, have been experimenting with a new way to create highlights called “sponging.” Stylist Symon May created this technique after looking at his kids’ sponge prints and wondering if he could replicate that on hair.

Here’s how it works: Instead of highlighting hair with brushes providing overall coverage on hair, May and his team use sponges to imprint distinct shapes of color on clients’ hair. The method relies on using contrasting colors so that the edges of the shapes really show through.

sponging hair color technique

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If you’re itching to try sponging on your own hair, May suggests telling your stylist to be aware that it’s best to use semi-permanent color because permanent dye won’t permeate through all the layers of hair, thus resulting in a lackluster final look.

Right now, May and his colleagues are the only ones really experimenting with sponge printing, but May can’t wait to see it pop up all over the world.

sponging hair color technique from The Chapel

Image: Courtesy