Here’s Why Your Foundation Looks Cakey

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During the summer, putting on foundation can be a breeze. The humidity in the air makes it easy to create that dewy look we all strive for. But winter is a totally different story. When frigid winds are blasting your cheeks every day, your skin is bound to be cracked and super dry and this can make for a pretty challenging canvas for dewy foundation application. You may feel as if all hope is lost and maybe you should just give up on foundation during the winter, but don’t! According to a great Reddit post, there are two things you need to do and remember in order to prevent cakey foundation.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

The first thing you must do is always moisturize your skin every single night. And don’t just layer on a regular amount of moisturizer. According to Reddit user pretzpret, you’ve got to douse your face in the stuff. “Slather on a lot, not just a little,” she writes. Readers immediately resonated with this tip. “I actually just started to actually take care of my skin and have been using a full pump of my moisturizer and my makeup has been looking way less cakey,” writes one user. It makes sense; super hydrated skin is plumped and will lessen the chances of cracks showing up in between layers of foundation.

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There is a little problem with this tip, however. Some people’s skin is sensitive and will majorly break out if they overdose on moisturizer. Thankfully, when someone brought up this issue, knowledgeable users chimed in with alternative routes to get your skin extra hydrated. “For me, layering is key,” writes Reddit user Dentina. “I use a facial mist (Caudalie), a hyaluronic acid (Hada Labo), then a noncomedogenic oil (like hemp seed) to moisturize! Works well. Zero breakouts!” The facial mist she swears by is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, which contains essential oils to brighten and hydrate skin. Still not convinced? Here’s a list of the best moisturizers that won’t cause acne or clog pores.

Use a Damp Blending Sponge

The second thing you must always do is apply your foundation with a damp blending sponge. You may have heard that applying your foundation with a dry sponge will give you a nice, matte look (and that’s true), but that look is for the summer when your sweat will give you a natural dewy finish. In the winter, you’ve got to create that dew yourself. Using a damp sponge may seem kind of obvious, but Reddit user pretzpret says it’s also all about how you apply the foundation with your sponge. “Don’t rub it in, pat it on,” she writes. Another user found that using a “bouncing motion with the damp sponge/beautyblender gave better application than rubbing with a foundation brush.”

Avoid Powder

Finishing your foundation with a full face of powder during the colder months will most definitely dry out your skin and leave it looking cakey. However, if you need more coverage for a pimple or acne scar after using foundation, dab a bit of concealer on the spot and then press a tiny bit of powder on the spot with a small makeup brush.

And there you have it. The three simple things you need to remember to prevent cakey foundation during the winter: moisturize, always wet your sponge and avoid powder.

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