Why You Should Add Honey to Your Beauty Regimen

By now, you’ve probably heard that honey can be a great alternative to sugar when it comes to baking. And you’re probably very familiar with how a drizzle of honey can turn a bland bowl of oatmeal into a scrumptious breakfast. But are you familiar with the benefits of honey in your beauty regimen?

We’re not talking about slathering on honey straight from the jar, we’re talking about beauty products that you can apply to your face, body, nails and hair that contain honey. You may be tempted to write off the idea of applying honey to your skin for fear that it will result in a sticky mess, but honey beauty products don’t come with the same stickiness of your favorite bee-produced condiment. In fact, most of the skin care products containing the ingredient have the complete opposite texture of edible honey.

If you’re still undecided, note that there are some brilliant beauty benefits of honey. Leigh Casbourne, Lush brand and product trainer, explains that honey has moisturizing, soothing and humectant (something that reduces moisture loss in skin) properties. There are also countless different kinds of honey that vary by region. “All honeys reflect the distinct regionality of the bees producing it and are renowned for their reparative and calming effects,” she explains.

And unlike some trendy ingredients, honey has been used in beauty for a long time. Casbourne points out, “Honey has the reputation as one of the very first ancient cosmetic ingredients, known for its ability to gently lift dirt and oil from the skin.” She adds, “Honey is nearly universal in its appeal as anyone wishing for softer, smoother skin can benefit from it. It’s often recommended most for skin that needs extra moisture or skin in need of some soothing.” Convinced? Take a look at the products above that harness the benefits of honey.

the many beauty benefits of honey