14 Skin-Loving Body Scrubs That Are Worth the Mess in Your Shower

When it comes to body scrubs, the messier the better. There’s something thrilling about making a mess in the shower for the sake of clear skin. Granted, you’re the one who is going to have to clean up the mess at the end, but most of us would agree that it’s worth it. Besides, it’s nothing that a quick rinse with the showerhead won’t fix. Nourished, flake-free skin is worth that much effort, right?

Great beauty products are as much about the experience you get from using them as their amazing results and body scrubs perfectly exemplify this. Sloughing the dead skin away with that scrub is as satisfying as watching the latest hypnotizing Instagram video. The fact that you’re left with soft skin at the end of it makes it even better.

Read on for 14 amazing body scrubs that are totally worth the mess.

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