12 Colored Highlighters for That Instagram-Worthy Rainbow Glow

It wasn’t that long ago that “highlighter” basically meant a shimmering ivory shade. We were lucky if we got the occasional gold or metallic bronze. How things have changed. It seems like there is a new highlighter launching every day now in colors that go way beyond pearly ivory.

In the quest to create the super strobed look that’s all over Instagram, beauty companies are getting more creative with their highlighter colors and finishes. It started with the viral rainbow highlighters and then moved on to standalone hues. Want a purple highlighter? You can have it. How about pink? Yup. Fancy some green? You can now find it at the drugstore.

If you’re worried about overdoing your highlighter when you’re using an ivory shade, a colored highlighter probably makes you doubly intimidated. The sheer formulas and hints of color make them surprisingly easy to pull off, though. They’re much less intimidating compared to opaque eyeshadows and unconventional lip colors.

You only need a bit of colored highlighter makeup to make an impact. Try starting off with a dab of one color on your cheekbones or under your brow bones. You can even try some on the inner corners of your eyes. When you get comfortable with that, you can try layering different shades. If you’re feeling creative, try applying a bit of highlighter on top of your lipstick for a cool top coat. Just remember that with all of the looks, blending is key.

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