This Sprawling Beauty Site Caters Exclusively to Women of Color

There’s no question that the beauty industry is more inclusive than it was five, ten years ago. The spectrum of foundation shades has widened considerably. Companies like M.A.C., NARS and Make Up For Ever feature lipsticks and blushes with stronger pigments, made for women with darker complexions. Pantene’s Gold Series was formulated to address the specific needs of black women.

And where major brands still fail, specialty brands have stepped up to bridge the gap. Of course, the industry still has a long way to go. Women of color remain underserved. Their counter experience is nowhere near on par with that of fair-skinned women.

Kimberly Smith, founder and CEO of Marjani Beauty, an e-commerce site exclusively for women of color, hopes to even the playing field. “This company was born from the desire of our founders to create a space and platform where the collective diversity of women of color is celebrated,” states Marjani’s website. “There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to women of color’s hair, skin and cosmetic needs. As women of color, we are constantly breaking the mirrored vanity when it comes to the ‘ideal standards’ of beauty. All the while, mass market brands fail to keep up or even attempt to fulfill our diverse needs.”

Smith is fully committed to helping women of color build their optimal product arsenal. Before launching the company, the Ivy League-trained attorney traveled the world scouting and vetting the black-owned beauty brands that now feature on the site’s stocklist. Marjani Beauty’s curated selection of cosmetics, skincare, bodycare and haircare products features brands like AJ Crimson, Marena Beaute, True Moringa and Christal Cosmetics. “By only working with brands around the globe that mirror our passion for enhancing the beauty of women of color, we ensure that each product featured or tip given has our members’ specific needs in mind,” holds the site.

Marjani Beauty even offers a “Buy It and Try It Foundation Match Program,” whereby shoppers interested in select foundations receive a free, mini sample to try on before committing to a full-size purchase. Progress and convenience all in one.

[ via Cosmopolitan ]