14 Oil-Based Shampoos That Will Make Hair Soft, Not Greasy

Just when we’ve managed to wrap our heads around the fact that certain oils really are good for our skin, we are confronted with a new crop of oil-based shampoos hitting the market. If you’re prone to greasy roots and hate the thought of unwashed hair, just the mere suggestion of combining “oil” with “shampoo” sounds a bit like an oxymoron.

Surprisingly, oil-based shampoos don’t leave your hair looking, well, oily. The best oil-based shampoos are designed to clean hair, nourish the scalp and wash out with no greasy residue. Traditional cleansers and shampoos can strip the skin and scalp of natural oil, which in turn makes them produce more oil. By using an oil-based shampoo or facial cleanser, oil, dirt and impurities are rinsed away without disturbing skin’s oil balance.

Oil-based shampoos work for all types of hair but are especially beneficial for medium, coarse, chemically dependent, curly or wavy, and super-parched hair. Read on for 14 oil-based shampoo formulas that will moisturize without weighing hair down.