Found: The Perfect Natural Lipstick Shade for Every Skin Tone

The boldest and brightest lips compete on Instagram for the most likes, but in real life, we’re always on the quest to find the perfect natural-looking lipstick. The ideal my-lips-but-better shade is not quite pink, but it’s softer than a neutral lip. It’s a perfect combination of the two that gives your lips just a hint of color without looking too obviously done up. It’s the lipstick that you will reach for when you want a no-makeup makeup look or to look (and feel) a bit more polished on a lazy weekend.

Just like finding the right red lipstick, this isn’t a one-shade-fits-all deal. The right me-but-enhanced shade often seems to be the color of the inside of your bottom lip. (If you don’t believe us, grab your lipsticks and go have a look in the mirror.) While that color is undoubtedly 100 percent unique to you, there are similarities between those with light, medium and dark skin. To make your quest for the ultimate natural lip color easier, we’ve rounded up the most flattering products for different skin tones.

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Find the Best Natural Lipstick Color for Your Skin Tone