13 Vegan Skin Care Products That Really Work

Being vegan no longer means you have to settle for subpar beauty products. Thankfully, there are plenty of options if you’re looking for ethical skin care that doesn’t contain any animal products. And the best part is, they rival the products typically found on department store shelves.

This is obviously great news for vegans, but even if you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to meaty burritos and leather shoes, it’s still worth adding some vegan products into your beauty regimen. Why? Because vegan skin care products usually harness the power of natural, plant-based ingredients like the ones you might find in a vegan pantry. This means they’re packed with good-for-you ingredients that feed the skin the way you nourish your body.

Convinced? Try out some of these vegan skin care products for yourself. And once you see the results in the mirror, you’ll really understand the benefits of vegan beauty.