These In-Shower Splash Masks Are the Ultimate Time-Savers

It’s time to make room in your shower caddy because masking is migrating from the bathroom vanity to the shower. And we’re not talking about nourishing hair masks you apply to wet locks. We’re talking about in-shower masks for your face.

In-shower masks are meant to be used precisely the way that they’re named: in the shower. (Although, you could probably use them in the bath, too.) There’s no need to worry about racking up your water bill as you wait 20 minutes for your mask to work its magic in the shower. One of the best things about in-shower masks, besides their convenience, is that they work in just minutes. With some formulas, you simply splash them on your face a couple of times, rinse and you’re left with a flawless complexion. Or you apply a steam-activated version at the start of your shower and forget about it as it works away while you shampoo, rinse and repeat.

Another benefit of in-shower masks is that there are a variety of different formulas to target different skin concerns. Looking to tighten and brighten? There’s a mask for that. Want to look more awake? There are splash masks to add radiance. Is your skin acting up and you don’t know how to deal? There are soothing splash masks for that.

Remember what we said about making some room in your shower? Here are the eight masks worth adding to your routine.

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