11 Top Coats for a Next-Level Lip Look

Thanks to Pat McGrath and Kylie Jenner, the beauty industry is having a love affair with bold lip colors. And let’s not forget the latest Instagram lip art trend of the month. But choosing the right look-at-me neon or gleaming metallic lipstick is only part of the fun. Beauty brands are offering a variety of lip top coats to help you get that next-level lipstick look.

Lip top coats are very much like nail polish top coats, you apply the product on top of your lipstick. The difference is that lip top coats aren’t limited to simply adding shine or prolonging the wear of your lip color. Lip top coats can turn a matte lipstick into a dazzling metallic or give your pout some major sparkle. They can even change the shade of a lipstick without the need for custom blending different products. And there is no rule that states you have to apply a lip top coat on top of lipstick, you can also experiment wearing it over a balm, lip stain or even bare lips.

Take a look at some of the best lip top coats to pick up on your next makeup shopping spree.