Watch: This Machine Gives You Kim Kardashian-Level Hair in 35 Seconds

It’s a self-evident truth that Balmain Hair Couture, the entity responsible for Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande’s enviable lengths (and Gigi and Kendall’s memorable hair swap), makes the crème de la crème of clip-ins. The storied French fashion house’s high-end hair line is celebrated for its 100 percent human hair extensions, which add natural-looking length and volume without putting pressure on one’s hair or head (or so we’ve heard). Of course, to get them done at home, you have to “know a guy” — said guy being a sought-after hairstylist like Chris Appleton or Jen Atkin.

Still, dreamy Balmain hair extensions aren’t totally out of reach for us plebes. The key is to get an appointment at a salon that’s partnered with the brand, like New York’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor. Admittedly, to those based outside of a major fashion capital, such salons are few and far between. However, thanks to Balmain’s new Système Volume hair extension tool, even if the waiting (or commute) is long, the appointment will be (relatively) short and sweet.

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…Or so a video recently posted by Instagram beauty #influencer Huda Kattan leads us to believe. Two days ago, Kattan shared a short clip of the Système Volume hair tool in action and it is, in a word, mesmerizing. The video begins with a stylist affixing a square, plastic case containing the hair extensions to a section of a test dummy’s roots. Once the case is in place, the stylist presses a gun-like applicator to it. Thirty-five seconds later and voilà — the mannequin is rocking fuller, longer tresses that will purportedly last up to six months.

Ready to attach a stranger’s carefully curated strands to your scalp and live your best hair life? Same. Still not convinced? Here’s another video of the Système Volume at work, this time on a human head:

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