This Halo Eye Makeup Trend Is Giving Us (Eternal) Life

Many a beauty trend has been born on social media. Everything from Instagram brows and glitter roots to mermaid and unicorn looks have all gained immense popularity because of social media. Now, the latest makeup trend making waves is the halo eye look.

The halo eye uses eyeshadow to create a halo-like effect around your eyes to give them a glowing appearance. Once you see the many ways the look can be created and exactly what goes into the application process, however, you’ll realize there’s a lot involved in creating a beautiful halo eye.

If you’re curious enough to try this new beauty look but aren’t sure how to begin, makeup artist Ashlee Glazer offers up these tips for recreating the halo eye at home: “Apply a primer to help set the shadow and ensure it doesn’t wear throughout the day. Then, use an eyeshadow brush to apply the desired color to the entire lid, stopping just short of or going slightly over the crease line. Finally, using the same brush, sweep the same shade along the lower lash line, connecting the color at each corner.”

So, amp up your spring and summer beauty look and give the halo eye look a try. Have fun!