Terrarium Eyes May Not Be Practical, but They Sure Are Pretty

We invite you to feast your (sadly, petal-free) eyes on the work of MAC Cosmetics makeup artist Ellie Costello. Costello, a 19-year-old U.K. native, is the progenitor of the latest over-the-top-Instagram-beauty-trend-that’s-not-really-a-beauty-trend that Marie Claire has dubbed “terrarium eyes.” Using actual flowers, petals and leaves sourced from her own garden, Costello transforms her subjects’ gazes into glitter-flecked works of art. Call her a facial horticulturist.

“I’ve also always enjoyed incorporating a lot of color into my creations, and using nature is a nice way to do it,” Costello told Teen Vogue. “I never like to pre-plan my looks, as I find when you create freely, you experiment a lot more and have a much more creative outcome.”

While the flower-infused looks are best suited to fairies and high-fashion editorials — given that they don’t allow for much napping, blinking or general movement — they sure are fun to stare at. (They’re the facial equivalent of succulent manicures.) Scroll down to take in some of Costello’s awe-inspiring creations, then head to her Instagram page @makeupisart_x for more botanical beauty.

[ via Teen Vogue ]