8 Foot Peels to Get You Ready for Sandal Season

With toes warmly cocooned in socks and boots over the winter, pedicures and foot treatments were the last things on our minds. Now that the mercury is steadily climbing and more and more gorgeous sandals are appearing in stores, suddenly we’re noticing our feet could use a little TLC. Thankfully, you can treat your feet without leaving your house. At-home foot peels are just what our toes need to get ready for summer.

You’ve probably seen the dramatic before and after photos on social media — because the results are that good. In just a few days (or weeks, depending on the foot peel), you’ll see some seriously impressive results. The right foot peel will take off months of dead skin without any burning and without the need for any aggressive scrubbing. If you’ve been a fan of foot files, one foot peel could be enough for you to throw out that brush and embrace the plastic booties.

So grab one of these best foot peels, slip on a pair of plastic booties and get ready to flaunt your new, baby soft feet.