22 Floating Eyeliner Looks That Put Your Cat Eye to Shame

A black cat eye is a classic makeup look, but sometimes we need to switch things up a bit. You can try experimenting with new ways to wing your eyeliner or swapping inky eyeliner for a more colorful option. If you’re still feeling that you’re in a bit of an eyeliner rut, you’re going to love the floating eyeliner look.

Floating eyeliner, or invisible eyeliner, uses negative space to create a flicked look. Bold eyeshadows and eyeliners are applied around the area where the flick would be, creating an outline as opposed to drawing the shape on directly. Alternatively, you can experiment with the faster method of using foundation or a neutral eyeliner on top of your colorful shadows to create your flick. If that all sounds complicated, but it’s easier than it looks. If you can reasonably contour, you can do floating liner.

No matter which option you select, there are countless different versions of floating eyeliner to try. Here are some gorgeous invisible eyeliner looks that will make you want to put down that black liquid liner stat.

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