Cute Instagram-Worthy Sheet Masks That Work

In the age of Instagram, it doesn’t matter much if a product has an amazing formula if it’s not camera-ready. Any old basic bottle is not going to work in a flat lay, thank you very much. Conversely, no one wants a product that compromises results for the sake of aesthetics. Korean beauty brands totally get our form-meets-function needs — especially when it comes to sheet masks.

People are no longer content with the average white cotton sheet mask. As effective as it may be, it doesn’t exactly inspire people to click that heart on your #sheetmaskselfie. Thankfully, skin care brands are giving us plenty of other options. Not only are masks available in a variety of different materials, there are also many adorable versions. And it’s not just Korean beauty brands that are expanding their sheet mask ranges.

From flowers to animals to emojis, here are some of the cutest sheet masks that sort out complexion issues while earning all the Insta likes.

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