The Kardashians’ Makeup Artist Says Instagram Makeup Is Boring

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It’s been a good week for those who find Kardashian minutiae positively scintillating. On Monday, Refinery29 released an in-depth profile of Kim Kardashian’s right-hand woman, Stephanie Shepherd. (Fun fact: It was Shepard who, un-showered and clad in Adidas sweatpants and a T-shirt, filmed Kimye’s wedding for Keeping Up With the Kardashians.) Today, the Cut provided us with another highly informative interview of one who is Kardashian-adjacent: Joyce Bonelli. Bonelli has been a celebrity makeup artist for decades, and thus has much wisdom (Kardashian-related and otherwise) to share.

The first revelation from the interview is how Bonelli creates the Kardashians’ ultra-feathery lash look: “I’ll have them close their eye, and gently lift up their lid. And then I apply mascara around my finger. I coat the inside, outside of the lash and in-between. If you’re just doing it yourself, the last part is to keep your eye closed a bit and moving the wand back and forth at the lash line, which just lifts them up.” Though Bonelli is currently “on a no-added-lash” phase, Kim’s red carpet looks are often synthetic lash-enhanced, because red carpet.


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The next thing we learned from Bonelli is (not to be gossipy) that Khloé has not had her nose done: “I’ve given Khloé [Kardashian] the best nose job for eight years with contour. No, she didn’t, it’s just makeup. It’s makeup and it’s fun.”

Third, Bonelli is just as bored of Instagram makeup as the rest of us. “It is not something I’m personally obsessed with,” she told the Cut. “It’s always the same thing and it’s a shit ton of makeup. I’ll see them and be like, What is going on? You need to chisel this makeup off their face. That’s just my opinion. I mean, is that really their vibe, every single day?” However, Bonelli enjoys discovering fellow makeup-loving creatives via the app. (She’s a big fan of Dain Yoon.)

Lastly, the cosmetics aficionado is following in the footsteps of Kardashian hair guru Jen Atkin (founder of wildly popular haircare brand OUAI) and launching her own product line. Joyce Bonelli Cosmétiques will focus on the concept of natural beauty. “I’m not selling a thousand different things, it’s just a few things that I love [including a brow gel]. I’m excited. It’s really perfect,” Bonelli revealed. She’s shooting for a September-October release date.

Read the full interview and shop Bonelli’s makeup essentials over on the Cut.