Bow to Bobs: 9 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Style Short Hair

Bob fever hits every year right around this time. First, just a few A-listers make the chop. Pretty soon, everyone’s dying to liberate their hair with a fresh new look for summer. This has been an especially contagious season with celebs from Vanessa Hudgens to Cara Delevingne making headlines for their chic, dramatic cuts.

The classic bob hairstyle can loosely be defined as any length between the jawline and collarbone. But what about the lob? There’s some disagreement over where to draw the line between bobs and long bobs. And that’s just the beginning. There’s the wob (wavy bob), blob (blond bob) and even the shab (shaggy bob). Depending on who you ask, “mob” might refer to the medium bob, the mullet lob or even the mom bob.

Regardless of definition, there’s an understandable fear of every bob length. It’s the trickiest of haircuts, no matter your face shape. To avoid that dreaded transitional stage between cutting your hair and growing it out, many of us either keep trimming that tried-and-true pixie or just never say goodbye to longer locks.

When managed properly, though, the right bob hairstyle has unparalleled potential. One word: low-maintenance. Say goodbye to endless combing (if you have long hair) or endless worrying about whether your short strands are staying in place. The bob is also the most versatile of hair lengths as proven by these celebs. Layer like Aisha Tyler, wave like Viola Davis, straighten like Kerry Washington and more. Packed with personality and as unique as each A-lister wearing them, these bob hairstyles will inspire you to get over all your lob-wob-mob qualms and make the cut.

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