18 Summer Beauty Essentials to Pack in Your Weekend Bag

Happy vacation season, y’all. Chances are that, right about now, you’re either in the midst of packing or fantasizing about what you will pack once the blessed day arrives. Editing down your wardrobe is a tough process. Ditto goes for your beauty arsenal.

Plus, when it comes to packing beauty products, not only must you decide which gels, sprays and creams are essential, you’ve also got to make sure they come in 3.4-ounce, TSA-approved packaging (at least the ones that make the carry-on cut).

Throwing everything in your checked bag is tempting, but trust us, given the havoc that recycled plane air wreaks on skin — and our general fear of lost luggage — you’re going to want to keep certain travel beauty essentials on your person. Above, we’ve rounded up 18 beauty products that we absolutely will not travel without. Use this list as a template, save yourself precious time and space.

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