Derm-Approved Light Therapy Devices That Target Everything From Acne to Aging — at Home

It wasn’t so long ago that if we wanted any sort of treatment that wasn’t a cream or gel, we would have to book a dermatologist appointment. Thanks to beauty advances, the high-tech skin care treatments that were once only available through a doctor can now be administered in the comfort of our own homes with portable gadgets.

Light therapy devices are particularly brilliant because they address all skin care concerns. Board-certified dermatologic surgeon Dr. Dendy Engelman explains, “Different types of light therapy help with different problems. Blue light kills bacteria, so it’s good for acne-prone skin. Red light is anti-inflammatory and is therefore good for calming various skin conditions and aiding against premature signs of aging.” Red LED light also helps treat redness and uneven skin tone.

Dr. Arielle Kauvar, a board-certified dermatologist and founding director of New York Laser & Skin Care, explains that because of this, light therapy can also help with certain pimples and painful cysts. The dermatologist adds, “Home-use red and blue lights, alone or in combination with other OTC prescription treatments, are often helpful for mild cases of acne, but not enough for more severe cases.”

Dr. Carl Thornfeldt, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Epionce, points out that at-home devices are not as powerful as the ones pros use because professional treatments utilize longer wavelengths. Plus, they can use aminolevulinic acid (ALA), a prescription product.

If our expectations are realistic, however, we can still discover the brilliant results that at-home light therapy gadgets offer — for a fraction of the cost. Find out with one of these innovative devices.