Face Patches for Every Single Skin Care Concern

As much as we love our adorable Instagram-worthy sheet masks and innovative charcoal mask formulas, sometimes a full face mask isn’t the best thing for our skin. Sometimes we need things that target specific concerns, like a honking zit or inflamed cheeks, but we are still looking for the fast and effective results of a mask. The solution? Patches.

The masking trend has spawned a subcategory of face patches for those who are looking to zero in on specific areas rather than their entire faces. The benefit of a face patch is that it offers the same benefits of a mask, but only to the required zone. That means there is less chance of irritation because the product isn’t being unnecessarily applied over the entire face.

What’s more, there are patches for almost every skin care concern. From zits to dark spots to fine lines, there are different face patches that will rectify each concern. You can even find body patches, too.

Fans of mask multitasking (wearing different clay or liquid formulas at once) will also like patches because they can be mixed and matched to target different areas at once. For example, someone can wear patches to brighten dark circles at the same time they’re treating laugh lines with another set of patches.

And there’s no need to look very hard to find face patches because they’re often on the shelf right next to our favorite masks. So stock up on your next mask haul.

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