Everything We Know (So Far) About Kim Kardashian’s New Solo Beauty Line


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Perhaps inspired by Ky’s big fat Kylie Cosmetics paycheck, Kim Kardashian West is venturing into the beauty realm — again. In 2009, the TV personality launched her own fragrance. In 2012, she, Khloé and Kourtney debuted the ill-fated Khroma Beauty makeup line. In 2015, there came the Kardashian Beauty hair collection, which, like its predecessor, racked up a pile of lawsuits (and unlike its predecessor, weathered the storm). Most recently, the reality star teamed up with her cosmetics magnate sister on a four-piece nude lip set

Now, the beauty icon’s expanding her sights and setting out on her own. Yesterday, Kim announced the birth of KKW Beauty via a beige-blush Instagram video showing only a website URL ( and a launch date (June 21, 2017). In a follow-up Snapchat video, Keeks revealed that the brand’s first product — “a collection of cream contours” — will hit e-store shelves next Wednesday. 

Based on another Snapchat shot, we can also expect a KKW-branded fragrance in the very near future.

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