7 Easy Ways to Cut Your Morning Hair Routine in Half

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Raise your hand if you spend at least an hour a day on your hair in the morning. We’re not judging you, but wouldn’t it be nice to streamline your routine? Although the thought of waking up earlier to get your hair perfect sounds nice, if we’re being honest, wouldn’t you rather sleep in or use the extra time for other important things, like making that coffee you desperately need? Or maybe you can hit the snooze button for once without feeling guilty? Try these simple hair tips for cutting down your morning beauty routine.

Create a Plan

We know this sounds crazy, but spending less time on your hair in the morning means more planning at night. Decide on your hairstyle the night before so you don’t find yourself staring in the mirror wondering exactly how you’ll style your hair in two minutes. Think about it, if you plan your outfit, accessories and shoes the evening before, why wouldn’t you do the same for your hair?

Try a Wash and Go

If you have curly hair, you know it can be unpredictable if not styled right. “Instead of spending hours blowdrying it straight every morning, try applying your product as a first step right out of the shower,” says Mizani Global Artistic Director César DeLeön Ramirêz. “Apply a leave-in treatment, curl definition lotion or gel, then scrunch the sections of your hair and clip them. Next, make breakfast, get dressed and then apply your makeup. Once everything else is done, remove the clips and shake your hair upside down, raking your fingers through your roots.” Easy!

Keep Products in One Place

When you only have 10 minutes in the morning, the last thing you want to do is search for your favorite products. Make sure everything you need is in one place and is easy to get to. The key is to find a place that’s convenient for you — on your dresser, bathroom counter or even a storage bin in your closet. Whatever you decide, just make sure it requires very little thinking on your part in the morning.

Use Products That Extend Your Style

Speaking of products, you can save a lot of time if you skip washing your hair in the morning. Use products (like a good dry shampoo) that preserve hairstyles a second or even third day. “I’d recommend Mizani’s Thermasmooth Style & Style Again,” says Ramirêz. “It works for all textures and especially going into the summer, you’ll get a smooth, frizz-free look that can be worn the next day. And if you do want to switch it up on the second day, the product is heat-activated, so you can easily (and quickly) reshape your style. Just take a curling iron or wand, wrapping random pieces around to add a slight bend, no additional product needed.”

Braid It at Night

If you have longer length hair, try braiding it in the evening before going to bed to create beautiful waves in the morning. “First, spray a leave-in treatment mid-length to ends on each section and braid them, securing the ends with elastic,” says Ramirêz. “Hair should not be wet, just slightly damp. In the morning, remove elastic and separate braids. Using your dryer and fingers, add movement and lift at the roots for beautiful waves.”

Try Twists

If braids aren’t your thing, opt for twists. Twists are an easy style that can be created in five minutes. “All you have to do is take pieces from the front of your face and twist the hairline onto the opposite side of your part,” says Temur Dzidziguri, stylist at Sharon Dorram by Sally Hershberger Salon. “When you are done twisting, pin the section at the back of the head and into the back of your hair.”

Cut It Off

Yeah, we said it. When all else fails and you still can’t seem to get out of the door on time, try cutting your hair much shorter. Shorter hair is much more manageable and the likelihood of your style lasting from your 10:00 a.m. meeting until 7:00 p.m. drinks with friends is pretty high.

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7 Simple Hair Tips to Cut Your Morning Beauty Routine in Half