Trend Alert: Do Brow Stamps Live Up to the Hype?

Are brow stamps the new microblading?

i-Envy by Kiss Brow Stamp for Perfect Eyebrow, $8.99 at Be Jour; Image: i-Envy by Kiss

The eyebrow’s tyrannical reign of terror over the beauty world may be over. First, fully shaved brows and unplucked brows are having a moment. Second, the newest brow trend to hit the internet isn’t a serum, gel or grooming style. Rather, it’s a brow stamp that claims to reduce your eyebrow routine to mere seconds. Like microblading, the “i-Envy by Kiss Brow Stamp for Perfect Eyebrow” promises full, perfectly arched brows — only there’s no pain or lasting commitment required.

As their name implies, brow stamps are simply molds sculpted in the shape of “perfect” eyebrows (one for your left side, one for your right). All you have to do is moisturize your brow area, rub the stamp into a powder pigment (in chocolate, dark brown or ebony, depending on your natural hair color), align the thing with your actual eyebrow, press down firmly and — voilà — bold, flawless brows.

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Skeptical? Well, according to beauty vlogger Jeffree Star, you should be. In the 10-minute segment below, the brow-free makeup guru takes the product for a trial spin and decides it doesn’t merit his stamp of approval.

To begin with, Star was not impressed by the powder formula. Aside from it being “weird” and “bizarre,” he notes that the formula is not fully opaque, nor is it long-lasting. Also, lining up the stamps proved fairly difficult (although having brows would, in theory, alleviate some of this struggle). Still, Star acknowledges that the product could be useful in certain contexts. “This could be a quick, easy moment for you if you’re someone that hates filling in your brows,” he says.

In the clip below, beauty vlogger Tati gives the product a positive review, despite the fact that she, too, struggles with stamp placement and is obliged to do a fair amount of clean up. In fact, per Allure, “Most of the people who have used the stamp have found themselves taking more time cleaning up the destruction they’ve caused than actually drawing them on from scratch.”

And another allegedly time-saving beauty product bites the dust.

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