Celebrity Proof That This Is the Summer of Vivid Eyeshadow

There’s a new trend taking off in makeup and it’s as vivid as it gets. A-listers from Demi Lovato to Kate Hudson have been trying out creamy eyeshadows in ultra bright colors. Pinks, purples and reds are especially popular, but literally no hue is out of bounds.

The look is especially appealing for summer, when the world lightens up, flowers burst into bloom and wardrobes come to life. Pops of color in candied shades are a purely welcome sight this time of year — a fact these fashion experts know well. Their secret? Sometimes, more is more.

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Instead of just dabbing eyelids with a touch of violet or a hint of sapphire, this bold beauty technique has celebs applying liberal amounts of eyeshadow. And not necessarily just around the eyes, either. Rihanna really started something when she stepped out at the Met Gala with a lovely fuchsia flush that spread all the way from the corners of her eyes to her temples. More recently, Katy Perry took a strikingly similar look to Glastonbury, continuing the trend.

The point is to make as big and vibrant a statement as possible while remaining playful, carefree and chic. For your next summer party, get inspired from these daring celebs and brighten up your beauty routine with flashy eyeshadow. Will you go with a splash of lavender, like Jada Pinkett Smith, or an explosion of citrus, like Selena Gomez?

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