11 Body Washes for Every Single Skin Care Concern

Sometimes we’re so focused on our face that we neglect the body. While we still show some attention with soap and a nourishing body lotion, we don’t often consider that our body can have skin care concerns too. Skin below the neck can be dry, scaly, acne-prone and even sensitive — just like on the face.

The easiest way to give skin what it needs is to switch to a body wash that will help tackle each concern. Having the right body wash is important because the wrong one can actually negatively impact skin. For instance, those who are prone to body acne could experience breakouts if they suds up with a rich body wash. And the wrong shower gel could make dry skin even more parched.

Thankfully, it’s not necessary to settle for generic soap. Just like with facial cleansers, there are body washes to target specific skin care issues. While you may already be using a cream or treatment to tackle body issues, the effects will only be improved when you also cleanse with a body wash that’s formulated to address the concerns. And sometimes the body washes are so effective, the treatment can be used less frequently or not at all.

Scroll through the gallery to find the best body wash for your skin type.