15 Products That Get Rid of Stretch Marks (Yes, Really)

Gorgeous skin doesn’t begin above the neck, it includes the entire body. That’s why we have plenty of body washescreams and treatments to keep us hydrated and blemish-free. Body acne and cellulite are common skin issues, but there’s one that almost all of us have in common: stretch marks. Yes, even Chrissy Teigen and Victoria’s Secret models have them. In fact. it’s estimated that somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of us have stretch marks and the lines can pop up on anyone, including men.

Rachel Winard, founder of Soapwalla, explains that stretch marks occur when skin grows so rapidly that the body isn’t able to support the stretching skin. This explains why stretch marks are common during pregnancy, weight fluctuations and teenage growth spurts. While they can potentially show up anywhere, stretch marks generally appear as red, white or silvery striated lines on the chest, belly, legs, bum, thighs and arms.

Thanks to body positive Instagrammers and Photoshop-free campaigns, it’s become easier than ever to embrace our stretchies. And while we wholeheartedly co-sign the #LoveYourLines #BoPo attitude, sometimes we just want the tiger stripes to go away — or at least make themselves less obvious. The truth is, we can’t get rid of stretch marks completely, but there are products and treatments that can help make them look less visible. There are laser therapy treatments and cosmetic procedures, but there are also stretch mark-reducing products that can help fade those lines.

To help get rid of stretch marks at home, Winard suggests looking for products with ingredients that are naturally collagen-producing and high in vitamins C, E and antioxidants. Shea butter, jojoba, baobab oil, meadowfoam oil and rosehip seed oil are effective because they help keep skin smooth and supple and promote healthy cell growth, thus reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Ready to fade those lines? We’ve rounded up some of the best stretch mark-reducing products to try now.