These Crystal-Infused Beauty Products Work Like Magic

Crystals first entered the popular realm by way of celebs and wellness gurus. Katy Perry, Naomi Campbell, Bella Hadid, Miranda Kerr and more regularly praise their healing powers. Victoria Beckham travels with crystals. Adele used them to overcome anxiety during her comeback. The Hills fans will remember Heidi and Spencer Pratt’s massive million-dollar crystal collection. Now, crystals have migrated to the beauty space.

Though you may doubt the power of crystal-infused beauty products, the proof of their magic is in the mirror. Ally Sands, founder of Aquarian Soul, explains that crystals work on all levels of healing, both inside and out. They’re most often used to brighten dull complexions, but they can also help tighten skin and even out your skin tone.

Some of our favorite crystals and gems to wear — diamond, quartz, amethyst, tourmaline — also have skin care benefits. Sands says that rose quartz is one of her favorites since it’s known as “the stone of beauty.” In addition to helping you accept love into your life (self-love included), she says it works to bring a glow to your skin, aids in moisture retention and promotes an even skin tone. Diamonds are known for their brightening effects, while jade is lauded for its cool touch and detoxifying properties.

If you’re not quite ready to try a crystal-infused beauty product, Sands recommends trying a gemstone face roller. There are different types, including the popular jade roller, as well as rose quartz and clear quartz rollers. They’re used in conjunction with regular serums or moisturizers to help boost circulation while reducing redness, firming and detoxifying skin.

Ready to discover the world of crystal-infused skin care? Scroll through the gallery to see our favorite products to try now.