14 Genius Makeup Storage Solutions We Found on Pinterest

If your love of makeup borders on obsession (to the point where your family has considered signing you up for an episode of Hoarders), your vanity probably looks like a disaster area. Brushes strewn about, large palettes stacked haphazardly off to one side and nail polishes situated precariously close to one of the corners. Because no matter how fancy your go-to makeup products’ packaging is, when taken collectively, it still results in clutter.

In times of crisis, we tend to turn to Pinterest for out-of-the-box ideas and we were surprised how many genius makeup storage solutions were proffered on the virtual pin board. We’re talking tricks for storing makeup brushes and those beautyblenders upright so they can properly dry to repurposing everything from fancy candle holders to sushi mats and spice racks.

Intrigued? Well, there are plenty more makeup storage hacks where those came from. Check out the slideshow for 14 surefire ways to get your vanity (and your life) organized.