This Is Not a Drill: ColourPop Is Coming to Sephora

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It’s happening. For the first time ever, internet-based brand ColourPop is making its way to brick-and-mortar stores. Well, one in particular. The three-year-old bargain beauty brand will be stocked at LVMH-owned beauty destination Sephora beginning in November — just in time for the holiday rush.

Since launching in 2014, ColourPop has amassed a huge cult following thanks to its low price points and massive product selection. WWD reports that, at luxury beauty retailer Sephora, ColourPop’s prices will not rise. Lipsticks and concealers will remain at $6, eyeshadow palettes at $18, mini lipstick sets at $15, etc.

The announcement is, of course, a game changer for ColourPop fans, who will now be able to test and experiment with shades and products before committing to a purchase. Plus, makeup junkies will be able to get their fix immediately — no two-day shipping lag.

ColourPop is all about giving the people what they want. “ColourPop has always been a brand full of personality… We look forward to connecting with our customers on an emotional level by meeting them offline and creating a special experience with each product they encounter,” Laura Nelson, ColourPop co-founder and president of the brand’s parent company Seed Beauty, told Refinery29.

Meanwhile, Sephora is hoping to cash in on ColourPop’s “cool factor.” Per Artemis Patrick, senior VP of merchandising at Sephora, ColourPop is a “top brand request” from clients. (No surprise there. The social media favorite boasts 4.9 million Instagram followers and counting. The Cut did the math and that’s more than CoverGirl and Revlon combined.)

Could it be there are Sephora-specific ColourPop products in the making? Boy, we hope so. “This is not simply a distribution play for ColourPop,” John Nelson, co-founder and chief executive officer of Seed Beauty, told WWD. “Instead, we are looking to disrupt the traditional brand and retailer model by taking collaboration, innovation and speed to the next level. Sephora shares our vision.”

At the moment, it’s unclear whether ColourPop will be available at all global Sephora locations or a select few and how much of ColourPop’s vast product range will be up for grabs. We’ll keep you updated.

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