Cheap Makeup Beauty Bloggers Swear By

Beauty lovers are often forced to reconcile having Chanel tastes on a CoverGirl budget. While brand recognition, expensive formulas and fancy packaging are all pros, there’s something to be said for cheap makeup. And by cheap makeup, we’re only referring to the price point, not the quality.

Truth is, there’s a lot of really good makeup available at your favorite drugstore or superstore. From texture-perfect liquid lipstick to pigment-rich blush and even anti-breakout makeup primer, you can stock your vanity with cost-effective cosmetics that could stand in as dupes for some of the luxury brands (just make sure to keep everything organized). But just like you wouldn’t plop down $30-plus for a single tube of mascara without reading some reviews, you shouldn’t pick up cheap makeup without due diligence.

With that in mind, we hunted down 12 cheap makeup products some of the top beauty bloggers can’t stop gushing about. And the best part is, every single pick rings in under $8. Scroll through the slideshow above for the cheap makeup products beauty bloggers swear by.

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