9 Celebrity-Inspired Nape Knots That Offer Guaranteed Summer Hair Relief

We’ve all heard the expression “the dog days of summer,” but when are they really? There’s no technical answer if you go strictly by the calendar, but when the dog days hit, there’s no mistaking them. The air conditioner never shuts off, for one thing. Steaming beverages, so desirable in cooler months, get swapped out for glasses of iced tea, iced coffee, iced anything.

Likewise, your hair and makeup routines naturally have to adapt themselves to this sweltering time of year. The most important question of each day becomes, “How do I get my hair up and off my shoulders again while still keeping things interesting?” There’s no denying it’s time to give that tried-and-true ponytail a rest, but so many other updos require constant attention and upkeep. The last thing you want is to have to deal with sticky stray strands all day long. In August, the goal is to get your hair up once and for all and be done with it.

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The chicest possible solution is the twist bun or nape knot. At its simplest, all this low bun requires is a single hairband and several seconds of your time. Gather, twist, tie and relief is yours all day long. Worn low on the neck, the twist bun offers several key advantages. Number one? You practically eliminate the possibility of getting a headache since the low center of gravity takes care of itself and doesn’t pull or pinch as much as other buns can. Think of it as the most relaxed of updos, perfect for a day reading on the beach or sipping lemonade under an umbrella.

And the best part of low-maintenance nape knots is that there’s no end to the possibilities if you want to get creative with the look. Just a glance at these nine celebrities will give you plenty of ideas. Delicate braiding, inventive twisting and unexpected tucking add interest and will keep you as cool as Jennifer Lawrence, Zoë Kravitz and Nicole Kidman all day long. So when the thermometer explodes, will you go for a sleek braided twist bun or a messy nape knot?

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