12 Multipurpose Beauty Products Every College Freshman Needs

When you’re lounging at the beach scrolling through #dormroomgoals on Instagram, it can be easy to convince yourself that college is filled with leisurely mornings spent sipping flat whites in a trendy coffee shop. Unfortunately, the first few weeks of school will prove that’s nothing more than a summer fantasy. In reality, college mornings are a rush to get those last few chapters read while wolfing down a piece of stale toast (sans avocado) as you struggle to find something clean to wear. It doesn’t matter what time that first class is, it’s always too early and there’s never enough time.

During the morning frenzy, impeccable contouring and complicated smoky eyes are the last things on a college student’s mind. Beauty goals for the harried and sleep-deprived must be quick, efficient and effectively hide any signs of all-nighters. This calls for a few hero products that can get the job done in minutes — without costing what equates to a small student loan. Sounds as simple as finding a good thesis for that essay, right?

These multipurpose beauty products check all the boxes for time-starved, cash-poor students. They come in easy-to-apply packages, can be used in multiple ways, are virtually foolproof and won’t take up precious space in a crammed dorm room. You might even have a little time left over for that flat white.

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