How to Hide Any Tattoo With Makeup

Raise your hand if you’ve ever made a beauty mistake. We’re not talking about using eyeliner as lip liner or using a flatiron without heat protector — although, we’re guilty of these at least twice a month. We’re talking major mishaps, like accidentally dying your eyebrows pink (yes, it really happens) or getting a silly tattoo that ends up looking more like a bruise than that Japanese phrase you wanted. We all make mistakes, but having a tattoo that’s lame, boring and just plain old whack is never fun.

Thankfully, there are beauty brands that have our backs (literally) and offer tattoo cover-ups that hide our decisions from those crazy nights from our 20s. And even if you’re lucky enough to have a tattoo that you like and you just need to camouflage it for a special event, these brands have you covered, too.

Here, a few of our favorite concealers that do the heavy lifting, plus a few tips on how to cover up tattoos with makeup.

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Best Tattoo Cover Up: Makeup That Hides ANY Tattoo