13 Beauty Favorites That Smell Like Summer (but Can Be Used All Year Long)

Sadly, summer is officially over. Hell, even fashion month has come and gone. Sigh. While we are looking forward to flaunting all of our new sweaters and boots, we can’t help but feel sad about having to put away our swimsuits, miniskirts and sundresses. But the change of seasons doesn’t mean you can’t continue enjoying summery beauty products that remind you of those warmer days.

As the weather gets cooler and downright frigid, these great-smelling items will instantly zap you out of the fall blues. Even after you step outside and are smacked in the face by the bitterly cold weather. And you can keep using them from fall to winter to spring and into next summer. In other words, literally all year long.

The best part? There are lots of summery beauty products to choose from. We’re talking a fantastic pre-shampoo treatment, perfumes that actually smell like summer in a bottle, indulgent coconut bath cubes and even a shimmering body oil. (Because who says you can’t have a tan in the middle of January?)

Ready to take a little summer into fall, winter and way beyond? Stock up on the products below to enjoy the endless summer you deserve.