Why Sulfur Is the Key Ingredient Missing From Your Acne-Fighting Regimen

We’ve sung the praises of charcoal and salicylic acid for zapping zits, as well as benzoyl peroxide for its acne-fighting abilities and the pimple-reducing power of tea tree oil. But there’s another key weapon in the fight against acne that many people aren’t aware of: sulfur.

Don’t discount sulfur as being another buzzy ingredient that makes grand skin care promises with no proof to back them up. Sulfur has been low-key lurking in acne treatments and masks for years, but it’s finally being touted as the hero ingredient in a host of new skin care products. Celebrity esthetician Angela Caglia says that sulfur is a great anti-acne ingredient because it treats inflammation and draws out impurities without stripping skin. The nondrying effect is what makes sulfur a brilliant acne treatment because we don’t have to worry about skin becoming more sensitive. And it’s not strictly breakouts that benefit from sulfur. The ingredient also helps to control oil production, so we’re not constantly mopping up grease from our T-zones.

Use a sulfur product in combination with a face wash for acne-prone skin and the duo will help clear up existing pimples and stop new ones from popping up. Stock up on one (or two, or three) of these best sulfur acne treatments to keep skin looking its best.

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