Watch: Victoria Beckham’s Estée Lauder Video Series Proves She’s a Natural-Born Beauty Vlogger

Victoria Beckham, designer, woman of the world and Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, is a natural born beauty vlogger. She’s possessed of a keen (British) sense of comic timing, superior makeup knowledge and killer bone structure. In a new Estée Lauder-produced video series, Beckham (finally!) puts these combined talents to excellent use.

To promote her new makeup collection for Estée Lauder, Beckham is starring in an ongoing makeup tutorial series, the first three installments of which are already available for your viewing pleasure. In the videos, Beckham shares her tricks for creating the perfect smudgy “sexy London” eye, a “happy” facial contour and a pink-tinged, sun-kissed look, along with some of her favorite products.

Becks doles out tons of helpful advice with a side of cheeky, self-deprecating humor, which makes the videos the next best thing to a private lesson/IRL hang sesh with the fashion legend. Take, for instance, this gem: “A tip is to actually put the cream blush on the top part of the cheeks and then a little tiny bit on the end of the nose and then a little tiny bit here [indicating her chin],” says Beckham, adding, “because what this does is give a little bit of a sun-kissed feel about things, even though obviously [she pauses for effect, stares markedly at the camera and takes care to enunciate her words] we don’t sit in the sun.” (Lisa Eldridge, are you taking notes?)

Watch Beckham outline her simple and doable makeup tricks in the videos below, then stay tuned for part four, coming later this week.

The perfect fresh face/”happy” contour:

The perfect “sexy London” eye:

The perfect sun-kissed flush: