10 Beauty Secrets Top Models Swear By

When you’re professionally good-looking, you learn a thing or two about preserving your looks and looking your best in the blink of an eye. Not only are you surrounded by top industry talent bestowing all their tenured knowledge upon you, you are also at the forefront of beauty innovation, constantly sampling and promoting new developments in the cosmetics industry. Oh, and you have a model squad not too dissimilar from that of T-Swift’s that keeps your makeup bag in check.

With all those industry advantages, models are essentially the Olympic athletes of beauty routines. Just like any college student knows every trick of the trade to pull an all-nighter for a final paper or cram for a two-hour test, models know how to hack their beauty routines and manipulate their features — a lengthy, successful modeling career depends on it. Luckily, models freely share their beauty secrets and insider tips with us mere mortals so we, too, can look as good as Cindy Crawford in her 30s or, heck, how about Cindy Crawford right now?

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