Supercharged Micellar Water Products for Every Skin Care Concern

We’re all about micellar water and we’re certainly not alone. Originally from France, this basic makeup remover/facial cleanser hybrid has been super popular for years thanks to its ability to gently get rid of grime without leaving your skin feeling squeaky clean (read: tight and dry). You can count on micellar water to do its job and do it well thanks to tiny little molecules called micelles that do all the work of lifting away makeup and dirt on your face.

While the most simple of skin care products can be effective, sometimes basic is boring. That’s why many brands are creating souped-up versions of micellar water featuring super trendy ingredients like charcoal and coconut oil. Beyond that, some brands are adding micelles to everything from makeup remover wipes to shampoos.

Piqued your interest? Good! Here are nine cooler than cool micellar-powered beauty products that are anything but blah.

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