10 Ways to Slather Yourself in Murumuru Butter From Head to Toe

You’re already familiar with the benefits of shea butter and cocoa butter. You may even know about coconut butter. Murumuru butter is another matter, though. If you check the labels on your products, you’ll likely discover the nourishing ingredient. It appears in everything from skin and hair care to makeup. So it’s about time murumuru butter received proper recognition.

The butter’s a vegetable fat extracted from the seeds of the Astrocaryum murumuru says dermatologist Dr. Heather Rogers. What separates it from all the other butters? It has a lower melting temperature explains Erica Vega, brand and product trainer at Lush North America. “Because it’s so melty, you can just use a little for light moisture or a lot for more of a body oil experience. It’s moisturizing, but never thick.”

Suitable for all skin types, murumuru butter is also high in fatty acids and vitamin A. So it promotes healthy cell function and prevents cell damage.

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