Skin Care Sticks Are a Lazy Girl’s Dream

It’s ironic that we have bathroom vanities and makeup bags overflowing with products. But, come bedtime, it seems like a monumental effort just to wash our face. Forget about a 10-step regimen using toners, essences, sheet masks and night creams. At the end of a long day, we’re lucky if we have enough energy to properly remove our makeup. Instead of adding more steps to our routines, we need beauty products that require the least amount of effort to apply but get the job done. That’s where skin care products with stick applicators come in.

Most are probably familiar with stick applicators in makeup, but it’s time to get acquainted with solid skin care sticks, which are easy to apply, quick and portable. Simply swipe the applicator around your face, gently pat the product in a few times and that’s pretty much it. It takes about as much effort as applying lip balm and we can do that when we’re half asleep.

Cleansing sticks are one of the most well-known categories, but sunscreen sticks are becoming more popular along with moisturizers and even stick toners. It’s now possible to revamp your entire beauty routine with easy-to-use sticks. It’s a lazy girl’s dream.

Ready to give skin care sticks a try? Here are 10 products to try now.