15 Winter Fragrances That Will Make You Feel Cozy

If spritzing on perfume is an absolute must before darting out the door, you understand the empowerment and confidence the perfect scent can give. And a new season is the best time to try out a new scent. (As long as you’re stocking up on hats, gloves and the like anyway.) So we went ahead and rounded up the best winter perfume options.

While it’s easy to stick to our tried-and-true aromas, wearing a new perfume can make your morning routine that much better. Especially when you’re dreading your cold-weather commute. Or simply getting out of bed and out from under the covers. This year we’re favoring fragrances with a twist. Whether they are inspired by a drink or spices, we’re looking for something different.

We’re also expanding our search to include men’s fragrances. Because scents should be universal. It also helps if the scents come in covet-worthy containers. From robots to shot glasses to elegant toppers, these picks are meant to be shown off on your vanity. Not to mention on Instagram.

Are you ready to find your new signature scent? From sweet to sensual to woodsy, we compiled the top winter perfumes we can’t wait to spritz on.